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Entering and Editing Narrative Content [Video]


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  3. Entering and Editing Narrative Content [Video]

In the ‘Sections’ area of the Plan Content, find the section that contains the narrative(s) you want to edit. 

Open the section one of the following ways:

  • Select the name to expand the section in the current view.
  • Select the arrow to open the section in a separate view.

Tip: Always save before you exit a narrative's edit mode. There is no auto save, so make sure to save so you don’t lose your hard work.

  1. Navigate to review the narratives. If a narrative can be edited, its title appears as a link. Each narrative’s status is listed in italics after the link, such as Draft or Completed.
    • Select the link to open the narrative.
      • Recommended: In the header area, select the ‘Show Requirements’ box to view the full Information Collection Request (ICR) requirement.
    • Select ‘Edit.’ A content lock message is displayed inside a colored bar. Remember, no other person can edit while you are editing.
    • Navigate to the content field under ‘Enter Narrative (*required)’ to do any of the following.
      • Select inside the content field to begin typing. If content already exists, you will see it here.
      • To paste content into the content field, do one of the following:
        1. First, copy the content you wish to use from another source or from this content field by using keyboard controls command + C to copy or command + X to cut.
        2. Select inside the content field to place the cursor where you want to paste the copied content and use keyboard controls command + V.
      • Tip: If you paste text from Microsoft Word, you will see the following message: “The text you want to paste seems to be copied from Word. Do you want to clean it before pasting?” Select ‘OK’ to paste.
      • Use the formatting tools on the editing ribbon as necessary.
      •  If the content is choosing options instead of entering text, select your choice from the list. For example, 'Yes' or 'No.'  
    • When you have finished editing your narrative, select the ‘Save’ button.

    Please note that the video below applies to all edits to a narrative, whether it's a correction, modification or revision.

    • Completed statuses include Complete, Correction Complete, Modification Complete, Revisions Complete.
    • Editable statuses include Draft, Correction, Modification, Revision.

    Select this link to open an external page containing Accessibility Support and Keyboard Shortcuts that apply to using the WIOA portal. 

    Video Transcript