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a. 3. Describe strategies developed to support training and awareness across core programs and the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program and the training provided for Employment Services and WIOA staff on identification of UI eligibility issues and referral to UI staff for adjudication

Current Narrative:

In 2014, Idaho modernized and replaced its unemployment insurance legacy mainframe system with the Internet Unemployment System (iUS), a web-based application developed, supported, and maintained by IDOL. The Web-based applications that interface with iUS provide simple, self-service account maintenance for both employers and claimants, which offer alerts to important account changes through system-generated notifications. Both stakeholders can then “chat” with IDOL employees, who can access account information with real-time up-dates, perform ad-hoc data queries and resolve issues more quickly. The iUS system also allows users to resolve UI issues online if they prefer.

As the state government agency tasked with administering the unemployment insurance program for collection of taxes from employers and disbursement of benefits to claimants, the Idaho Department of Labor will provide ongoing training and general information to all American Job Center staff, including ES and WIOA staff, regarding general eligibility guidelines. UI staff assigned to serve the center will be responsible for handling UI eligibility issues. Since IDOL has administered UI, ES, and other workforce program services (WIOA and its predecessors) for over 40 years, American Job Center staff have a firm foundation to ensure successful processes under WIOA.

The Idaho Department of Labor has instituted the following strategies:

  • IdahoWorks, the web-based system that supports a number of One-Stop programs including the ES, WIOA, and TAA applicant/participant records and services; ES/WIOA staff are trained to recognize the UI status of job seekers via self-attestation and RESESA participation
  • Idaho’s unemployment insurance claimants will continue to be required to register for work/job seeker assistance within the IdahoWorks system
  • Fully-trained unemployment insurance staff will be available by phone and via real-time online help communication technology, during all business hours, to answer any questions from staff or claimants regarding UI issues
  • The state’s comprehensive One-Stop centers each has a UI navigator to provide UI claimants with in-person help such as filing UI claims, resolving basic non-monetary issues, and helping them with other unemployment insurance functions.