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a. 2. B. Describe how the State intends to use Governor’s set aside funding. Describe how the State will utilize Rapid Response funds to respond to layoffs and plant closings and coordinate services to quickly aid companies and their affected workers. States also should describe any layoff aversion strategies they have implemented to address at risk companies and workers

Current Narrative:

The State has an established and approved budget for the use of WIOA Governor’s Set Aside funds. The required state level activities for oversight and monitoring, grant administration, reporting to the USDOL, incentive awards to local workforce development areas, pre-apprenticeship project, etc. are included in the approved budget. Also, allowable activities such as incumbent worker training projects funded with Governor’s Set Aside funds are included in the approved budget. The Title I-B administrative entity also provides funds for operational costs to include the costs for the driver/operator for the State’s Mobile Career Center Vehicle (MCCV) with Governor’s allocated funds as well as Rapid Response funds when the vehicle is being used for a Rapid Response related layoff event the State has administered a successful incumbent worker training program since 2001, which was funded with Workforce Investment Act, Governor’s Set Aside funds. If necessary, the budget may be submitted to the State Workforce Development Board for approval of an amendment should other allowable statewide activities be considered for funding with WIOA Governor’s Set Aside funds.

Rapid Response activities in Alabama are the responsibility of the Workforce Development Division of the Alabama Department of Commerce. Rapid Response staff responds to WARN and non-WARN events immediately upon notification of pending layoffs or business closures. Rapid Response staff will contact the designated contact person for the company or business to provide an overview of services and materials available to the affected employees. If the affected employees are part of a union, a representative of the AFL/CIO Labor Institute for Training (LIFT) is also included in the meetings. Once Group Employee Meetings (GEM) dates are established, the Rapid Response Unit immediately notifies the local Career Center, UI, Community Based assistance agencies and others that can provide support and information to the affected workers.

The State has a newly established “layoff aversion team,” whose purpose is to provide assistance to “at-risk” companies should those companies contact the team prior to it being too late to avoid layoffs. The purpose of this team, which is composed of staff from several workforce partner agencies, is “lay-off aversion.” Each agency funds its own staff members for this team, so there’s no additional cost to the WIOA Title I-B administrative entity. One example of assistance might be incumbent worker training, if that is determined (by the team and the employer being assisted) to be the best route to avoid layoffs.