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a. 2. A. Provide State policies or guidance for the statewide workforce development system and for use of State funds for workforce investment activities

Current Narrative:

Alabama WIOA statewide policies and guidance for the Statewide Workforce Development System are developed and officially issued to the local areas and core partner agencies as applicable by issuing Federal Department of Labor ETA policies (TEGL’s, TEN’s, etc.) via Governors Workforce Innovation Directives (GWIDs). State initiated GWID’s are also issued to provide guidance from the WIOA statue and the WIOA implanting regulations issued on June 30, 2016. The Alabama Workforce Development Board (AWDB) will provide an opportunity to review state policies and guidance to the Workforce Development System beginning the second quarter of PY2016 to make recommendations and provide partner and business member input to required federal and state policies.

The GWID’s are posted on the Alabama Department of Commerce’s Workforce Development Division website section and at the time of posting to the website (http://madeinalabama.com/divisions/workforce-development/governors-workforce-innovation-directive/ ), an email is sent to local workforce development areas and to workforce partner agencies as well as to other workforce system personnel to notify them a new or revised policy has been posted on the website. Policies cover all areas of compliance both fiscal and programmatic in compliance with the Act and final WIOA regulations.

State of Alabama general funds are allotted to the Alabama Department of Commerce’s Workforce Development Division (Title I-B Administrative Entity). These funds are governed by State Legislation and expenditures are used to enhance programs and activities for capital improvements or equipment that promote literacy, adult education, public health and welfare and mental health. The uses of these funds governed under the code of Alabama 1975, Section 41-23-3.