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a. 2. C. In addition, describe the State policies and procedures to provide Rapid Responses in cases of natural disasters including coordination with FEMA and other entities

Current Narrative:

The Alabama Dislocated Worker Unit, Rapid Response section is part of a State Level team that initially will meet to discuss assistance to any area of the state designated as a national disaster area. The Department of Commerce’s Workforce Development Division provides the Governor’s Office with information regarding available Rapid Response resources. State partnerships then included the Alabama Emergency Management Agency (AEMA) to provide the initial links for communication to FEMA as well as county level emergency management personnel. Rapid Response staff members also coordinate with the Alabama Department of Labor’s Career Centers to ensure State and local partnerships coordinate services to employers and workers affected by natural disasters.

The Rapid Response activities and coordination of services to be provided are the Governor’s initial part of Emergency Response Task Force to ensure information can and will be provided with agencies and contacts that will assist in meeting the needs of impacted individuals through the various agencies.