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b. 6. The State’s strategy for continuous improvement in the level of performance for SCSEP participants’ entry into unsubsidized employment, and to achieve, at a minimum, the levels specified in OAA Section 513(a)(2)(E)(ii). (20 CFR 641.302(f))

Current Narrative:

DWD administers SCSEP programming in Indiana through a single sub-grantee, National Able Network (NAN). NAN is responsible for providing programming to all 214 authorized state SCSEP positions. It has continuously administered SCSEP programming in states around the country since 1986. The current SCSEP national grantees operating in Indiana are NAN, AARP, Goodwill Industries (GII), and Senior Service America, Inc. (SSAI). Indiana will advise USDOL of any changes in the use of grantees and/or program operators.

DWD’s strategy for continuous improvement includes the following:

  • Partner with DWD Business Services;
  • Build stronger relationships with existing host agencies, participants, and partner agencies for referrals;
  • Create SCSEP partner contact list;
  • Speak with regional leadership about the need for host agencies and participants;
  • Hold an annual grantee meeting to discuss pressing issues and BDP’s including but not limited to: reducing exit rates, participant and host agency recruiting, succession planning, and coordination amongst the different organizations’ staff;
  • Hold an annual grantee and WorkOne partner meeting to enhance program understanding and partner needs. as well as to improve collaboration between partners; and
  • Establish a policy regarding the level and length of time a variance may occur before taking action and defining a framework for handling equitable distribution variances going forward.