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b. 4. A list of community services that are needed and the places where these services are most needed. Specifically, the plan must address the needs and location of those individuals most in need of community services and the groups working to meet their needs. (20 CFR 641.330)

Current Narrative:

Strategy: ICOA will develop strategies connecting individuals who are most in need with community services in the Targeted Industry.

Planned Actions:

o    ICOA’s SCSEP contractor will identify non-profit/governmental Host Agencies to provide individuals, who qualified for the SCSEP program, the training needed to compete for jobs in the Workforce Development Council Targeted Industries. The target locations are those counties that are not meeting equitable distribution level as identified in SCSEP Table 8.

SCSEP Table 5: Community Job Service Needs

Non-profit or Governmental Host Agencies that meet community service training needs Targeted Industries
Warehouses (shipping and receiving), Thrift stores, Correctional Industries, Restore, Habitat for Humanity Advanced Manufacturing
Technical Businesses, Universities, City, County and State Governments High Tech
Hospitals, Home Health Companies Doctor Offices, non-profit clinics (i.e. Terry Reilly) Health Care
Utility Organizations Power and Energy