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b. 5. The State’s long-term strategy to improve SCSEP services, including planned long-term changes to the design of the program within the State, and planned changes in the use of SCSEP grantees and program operators to better achieve the goals of the program. This may include recommendations to the Department as appropriate. (20 CFR 641.302(k))

Current Narrative:

Strategy: Participate with WIOA partners to align the SCSEP vision and mission with other agencies employment strategies.

Planned Actions:

o    As part of the WIOA’s State Plan Advisory Group, ICOA will coordinate SCSEP efforts with one-stop offices, develop on the job experience policy, coordinate statewide SCSEP resource training, promote job training initiatives, provide outreach to economic development offices, focus skill development on high job growth sectors, increase minority participation, and target service needs.