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a. 15. The combined (Federal/State) State agency reimbursement rate for transportation costs and other expenses reasonably necessary and directly related to participation incurred by E&T participants. If the State agency proposes to provide different reimbursement amounts to account for varying levels of expenses, for instance for greater or lesser costs of transportation in different areas of the State, it must include them here.

Current Narrative:

Indiana currently extends job retention services for a minimum of 30 days and not more than 90 days after an individual who received IMPACT services gains employment. Indiana intends on submitting a waiver for the 90-day Retention Services Requirement and Increase Retention Services to 365-days under SNAP. Through this waiver to expand follow-up SNAP E&T services for 365 days will align with WIOA Core Programs follow-up services. Additionally, by extending follow-up services, we will increase the number of individuals building sustainable employment, assist individuals in recognizing skills by increasing attendance, onboarding, and incorporating employer values into work performance, and help individuals in establishing long-term, sustainable employment, increasing income and economic mobility, and creating opportunities to utilize their skills in their communities. This will extend the opportunity for Hoosiers to receive transitional support, increasing the likelihood of job retention and decreasing potential future need for SNAP. In addition it will bring education and training services in alignment with WIOA. The individual must be receiving SNAP benefits in the month of or the month prior to beginning job retention services. Services are provided unless the person is leaving SNAP because of disqualification. Services will begin the day the job is reported to IMPACT.

SNAP E&T participants are limited to a combined monthly total of $125 for the following supportive services:

  • Clothing, Uniforms, Shoes – Up to $300 per 12-month period, per client. Available to assist the participant with a voucher for clothing, uniforms, or shoes up to 90 days after beginning of employment if needed to assist the participant with an interview for a job, begin employment, or engage in assigned education and training activities.
  • Transportation Expenses – Public and private transportation assistance is available and offered if the  participant needs this support to participate in education and training activities or begin employment which continues up to 90 days after beginning of employment. Participants must use the least expensive, accessible form of transportation.  Bus passes or bus tokens may be provided if public transportation is available. Gas cards may be provided for private transportation when this is the least expensive option.  The gas cards, bus passes and bus tokens may be for one day, one week or a month.

Funds spent in these service categories while a TANF participant will count toward the 12-month limits if the client becomes eligible for SNAP only.