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a. 16. Information about expenses the State agency proposes to reimburse. FNS must be afforded the opportunity to review and comment on the proposed reimbursements before they are implemented.

Current Narrative:

Actual expenses incurred up to the maximum amounts are paid for clothing and uniforms. Gas cards, bus passes, and bus tokens will be advanced based on projected participation transportation expenses using best available information. Case notes will be entered at every issuance of supportive services to track compliance with the program and eligibility for supportive services. 

Dependent care will be managed by the same contracted entity that manages CCDF. MAXIMUS will forward a referral and appropriate childcare at a licensed facility that offers services within the approved rates will be arranged by the contractor. The referral is good for a maximum of 4 weeks. If child care needs to continue to be provided beyond the 4 weeks, another referral will be submitted by MAXIMUS. Case notes will be entered at every referral to track client compliance with the program and eligibility for supportive services.