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a. 11. The relationship between the State agency and other organizations it plans to coordinate with for the provision of services, including organizations in the Statewide workforce development system, if available. Copies of contracts must be available for inspection;

Current Narrative:

Partner/ Contractor Total Admin Costs Total Participant Reimbursements Costs Total Cost % of Total Budget
Alabama Community College System Adult Education Program

E&T Services $1,952,958 $0 $1,952,958 29%
Alabama Department of Labor

E&T Services $25,000 $0 $25,000 1%
Goodwill Easter Seals (GES) E&T Services $169,426 $1,200 $170,626 3%
The Bridge Center Inc. (TBCI) E&T Services $191,700 $2,000 $219,620 3%
Heritage Training and Career Center Inc.

E&T Services $63,130 $0 $63,130 1%
Family Counseling Center of Mobile, Inc.

E&T Services $82,051 $0 $82,051 1%
  Daniel Payne College Village Foundation

E&T Services $299,029 $0 $299,029 4%
A Cut Above the Rest Training Facility

E&T Services $602,160 $0 $602,160 9%
Workshops, Inc. E&T Services $391,360 $400.00 $392,360 6%
Alabama Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs

E&T Services $595,000 $0 $595,000 9%
Goodwill Industries of the Southern Rivers

E&T Services $76,202 $11,650 $87,852 1%
Benton & Associates

Consulting $243,697 $0 $243,697 4%
Alabama Industrial Development Training

E&T Services $155,427 $0 $155,427 2%
M&E Consulting Services (M&E) E&T Services $152,750 $11,525 $164,275 2%
Sylacauga Alliance for Family Enhancement (SAFE) E&T Services $425,952 $0 $425,952 6%
 United Ways of Alabama E&T Services $1,197,930 $0 $1,197,930 12%


For each partner/contractor that receives more than 10% of the E&T operating budget, complete and attach a Contractor Detail Addendum.


Partner/Contract Name Alabama Community College System (ACCS)
Monitoring and communication with contractor (s) Site visits will be conducted at the site(s) providing services annually. An Addendum A to the contract describes in detail the services to be provided.
Role of Contractor This contract provides Basic Education and various training services to any SNAP participant that volunteers Statewide.
Timeline Start



Description of Activities/Services The agreement between DHR and ACCS provides for three services:
  1. Adult Basic Education/Career Pathway TrainingACCS will provide Adult Education services that include orientation/intake, assessments, GED/High School Diploma preparation, and employment preparation services.
  2. Ready to Work (RTW)This program is focused on meeting the current needs of Alabama’s businesses and industries.  RTW’s core curriculum includes six training modules and ACT WorkKeys.
  3. Manufacturing Skills and Standards Council (MSSC) Training InitiativeMSSC certification is an industry-led training, assessment, and certification system.  The two MSSC certifications offered are Certified Production Technician (CPT) and Certified Logistics Technician (CLT).
Funding This program will be funded using 50/50 E&T funds.
Evaluation Adult Education is a continued partner and the services that will be offered will be reviewed through site visits annually. Additional site visits will be done as needed.    Adult Ed will email the lists of all SNAP participants that received services and also list each service that each participant received that month. Conference calls will be as needed. Adult Ed will collect data for each fiscal year. The State will also look at performance indicators such as the number of work registrants that are referred to Adult Ed and compare this number to the number that received a GED and complete a WIOA or other training program. This will help to measure the effectiveness of the services that are being offered by this partner. The State will also look at the services received by participants that have new hires on IEVS to measure what services are more effective and produce more desirable results.
Partner/Contract Name United Ways of Alabama (UWAL)

Monitoring and communication with contractor (s) A-RESET staff will meet UWAL leadership at least quarterly.  These quarterly meetings will review UWAL’s own work as well as the progress of UWAL’s subcontractors.  These meetings will be complemented by on-site reviews of each UWAL subcontractor at least annually.
Role of Contractor UWAL will serve as a major “intermediary” for DHR in reaching out to United Ways across the State, engaging community and faith-based organizations (CBOs and FBOs) to become A-RESET partners, and monitoring the work of those partners as subcontractors to UWAL.
Timeline Start



Description of Activities/Services UWAL will promote access to workforce inclusion and independence for eligible clients through its own services and the programs of its community partners.  They will do this by:

  • Preliminary screening “2-1-1” clients for program eligibility;
  • Assisting in providing access to learning and training opportunities via the 2-1-1 “Connects Alabama” (information and referral program) in order to obtain skills necessary to gain employment;
  • Referring/linking clients to appropriate community partners (including, but not limited to, UWAL subcontractors and United Way affiliates Statewide) who can assess interests, skills, values and abilities to promote client self-sufficiency;
  • Providing follow-up case management and other services to participants in the A-RESET program;
  • Providing access to vocational training and other E&T services through placement with community partners (including UWAL’s sub-contractors); and
  • Providing access to job retention and other “wrap-around” services, including but not limited to child care and transportation.
UWAL will also continue to provide Troy University with access to its data base of service providers across the State that Troy will use in maintaining the currency of the A-RESET Resource Mapping tool.

In addition, UWAL will serve as the “prime contractor,” managing subcontracts with community and faith-based organizations.  During FFY 2020, these subcontractors will include:

  • Aid to Inmate Mothers (AIM)This CBO’s target population will be women that have had some involvement with the Criminal Justice System and their children.  AIM will provide job search, job search training, and job retention services to SNAP recipients who may be unemployed or underemployed to help them access training that could help obtain an initial job or a better job.  In addition, AIM will provide intensive individual case management with women recently released from prison to determine their needs and barriers to employment and provide any additional wrap-around services and follow-up after employment is attained for at least 90 days.
  • HandsOn River Region (HORR) – This CBO is the lead agency responsible for the administration of the 2-1-1 system in Central Alabama.  Under their UWAL contract, HORR will use the 2-1-1 system as a tool to screen inquiries as to their SNAP eligibility, employment/underemployment status, and assessment of the need for E&T and other supportive services to reduce their dependency on public assistance.  HORR will also serve A-RESET participants by making referrals to appropriate service providers and delivering case management services.
  • Hope Inspired Ministries (HIM) – This FBO serves low-skilled, poorly educated, and chronically unemployed adult men and women by preparing them to obtain and maintain employment. HIM’s nine-week job training and life skills program develops individual worth, encourages personal responsibility, and promotes the value and honor of a hard day's work. HIM’s training involves over 300 hours of learning in the areas of life and employment skills, character building, financial management, and wellness training.
Upon completion of six weeks of classroom instruction, students’ skills and abilities are assessed and the student is then matched with a local business where they put their new training to use during a 120-hour, unpaid internship. In many cases, the local business hires the student upon internship completion.  HIM also provides ongoing aftercare, case management, and job retention services for graduates and non-graduates to help them maintain employment or find better job opportunities,

  • Salvation Army of Coastal CarolinaThis FBO provides comprehensive services to homeless individuals in Southern Alabama.  A-RESET participants receive case management and other services tied to the employment goal of each family’s case management plan.  This includes weekly case management meetings to set goals and monitor progress using the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) database, weekly classes dedicated to employment readiness (focused on such topics as resume building, interview coaching, vocational rehabilitation referral, work development services, job searching, and completing employment applications), the provision of business attire, and transportation to interviews and job fairs.
  • United Way of Etowah County --  The United Way’s First Call for Help will promote access to workforce inclusion and independence on the part of A-RESET clients.  Through this initiative, the United Way will provide case management to link eligible individuals to various workforce development initiatives and supportive services such transportation, adult basic education, child care services, work readiness training, job skills training, and volunteer opportunities.  The United Way will accomplish this goal by screening 2-1-1 clients for eligibility for the SNAP A-RESET program; providing referrals to appropriate partners such as the Gadsden Career Center who can assess skills and abilities to facilitate job matching and work opportunities; and connecting recipients to other resources that may be needed for a client to successfully obtain employment resources such as but not limited to child care and transportation. 

 UWAL is also expected to add additional partners/subcontractors during FFY 2020.  Should this program expansion exceed the resource levels contained in the UAL/DHR contract or deviate significantly from the nature of the services described in this addendum, DHR will submit an appropriate amendment to this State Plan for FNS review and approval.

Evaluation UWAL is a key partner in the A-RESET program.  As such, DHR will monthly reports, meet with UWAL at least quarterly, and join with UWAL in conducting site visits of its subcontractors at least annually.  The performance of UWAL and its subcontractors will be assessed based on the extent that they are serving the maximum number of SNAP recipients specified in the agreement with DHR.  Based on data submitted by UWAL and its subcontractors, program performance will be evaluated based on the number/percentage of individuals getting a job or a better job, job retention, and a reduction in dependence on SNAP benefits.