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Alabama PYs 2020-2023 Published Approved


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a. 10. The organizational relationship between the units responsible for certification and the units operating the E&T components, including units of the Statewide workforce development system, if available. FNS is specifically concerned that the lines of communication be efficient and that noncompliance by the participant be reported to the certification unit within 10 working days after the noncompliance occurs;

Current Narrative:

​Food Assistance eligibility staff have been provided training and information on A-RESET. Each A-RESET county office also has access to A-RESET handouts to provide food assistance clients. This handouts provides information on services available through the program. The State maintains a system that houses eligibility and E&T information. Staff from both units have access to these files to ensure that participation in the E&T program is communicated, especially for those individuals that are ABAWDs. Since this is a voluntary program, there are no sanctions imposed on those that choose not to participate.