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i. 1. A. ii. The number of personnel currently needed by the State agency to provide VR services, broken down by personnel category; and

Current Narrative:

Administrative Staff, 54

Counselor Staff, 181

Staff Supporting Counselor Activities, 204

Other Staff, 2

Total, 441

Note: Those classified as “counselor staff,” can be somewhat deceiving because it includes specialty staff (vision rehabilitation therapists and orientation and mobility specialists) that may not be considered actual vocational rehabilitation counselors. It also includes five “hybrid” counselors who work under the State of Alabama Independent Living Program (SAIL) and serve consumers who dually qualify for independent living services and vocational rehabilitation services. The actual number of DVR rehab counselors is closer to 167. These are counselors who provide services through our field offices and One—Stop Career Center sites. Each of these counselors currently averages a caseload of approximately 174 consumers.