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i. 1. A. i. The number of personnel who are employed by the State agency in the provision of VR services in relation to the number of individuals served, broken down by personnel category;

Current Narrative:

The Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS) maintains a Comprehensive System of Personnel Development. This system is based on finding candidates who possess prescribed levels of specific education and experience for available positions/job classifications. After employment, a second phase of this comprehensive system of personnel development is initiated. This includes an initial orientation to the department, its goals, and mission. A regular system of personnel appraisal and staff development is tailored to suit the needs of each staff member.

ADRS maintains a comprehensive system of data on personnel needs. This is maintained within the agency’s Human Resource Division (HRD). This data system allows for the input of personal information about each staff member and includes all possible training opportunities for staff to attend. It can also record historical information about each training, maintain participant lists, and track continuing education credit hours as needed.

In fiscal year 2019, the total number of consumers served by staff was 37,730. Among those with an Individualized Plan for Employment, the vast majority (92%) of individuals served were coded in case files as having significant disabilities or higher.

2019 RSA—2 Personnel Reporting Categories, Number Employed
Administrative Staff, 54
Counselor Staff, 190
Staff Supporting Counselor Activities, 162
Other Staff, 2
Total, 408

Current Vacancies:

Administrative Staff, 1

Counselor Staff, 12

Staff Supporting Counselor Activities, 9

Other Staff, 4


Projected Vacancies FY 2020 remaining (Anticipated Retirements)

Administrative Staff, 2

Counselor Staff, 6

Staff Supporting Counselor Activities, 3

Other, Staff, 1


Projected Vacancies FY 2021

Administrative Staff, 1

Counselor Staff, 2

Staff Supporting Counselor Activities, 10