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b. 1. C. Planned actions to coordinate SCSEP with other private and public entities and programs that provide services to older Americans, such as community and faith- based organizations, transportation programs, and programs for those with special needs or disabilities. (20 CFR 641.302(i))

Current Narrative:

Strategy (Private Agencies): ICOA will coordinate information sharing with the following WIOA Advisory Groups for resource sharing and outreach via phone, email, and/or in-person meetings:

  • Title I - Adult, Dislocated, and Youth Programs             
  • Title II - Adult Education and Family Literacy Programs
  • Title III - Wagner-Peyser/Employment Services
  • Title IV-Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services in Idaho are provided through two agencies: The Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and the Idaho Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired
  • Combined Plan Partner - Jobs for Veterans State Grant Program
  • Combined Plan Partner - Trade Adjustment Program
  • One-Stop Partner - Unemployment Insurance
  • One-Stop Partner - Carl D Perkins and Career-Technical Education
  • One-Stop Partner - Community Development Block Grant
  • One-Stop Partner - TANF & SNAP
  • One-Stop Partner - Idaho Commission for the Libraries

Additional collaboration will be coordinated with ICOA’s stakeholders such as, but not limited to: senior meal sites, home delivered meal services, tribal leaders, Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) partners, and other AAA-contracted programs

Planned Actions:

  • ICOA will plan to collaborate with WIOA Advisory Group partners to share information about the SCSEP program within their internal and external stakeholders
  • ICOA connected the Employment Specialists with the six AAAs to do presentations for their providers, including their three Tribes in Idaho. ICOA will continue connecting the Employment Specialists with all contracted meal sites in Idaho. ICOA provided annual training to senior meal site coordinators about SCSEP and the potential of senior meal sites to act as host agencies. This collaboration has the potential to establish additional host agencies and attract more participants.
  • ICOA`s SCSEP contractor will provide training and establish referral protocols with all WIOA partners and the Centers for Independent Living. This training will focus on referral coordination and meeting participants’ supportive service needs, such as, transportation, caregiver support, congregate meals and health promotions.