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a. 1. Discuss long-term projections for jobs in industries and occupations in the State that may provide employment opportunities for older workers. (20 CFR 641.302(d)) (May alternatively be discussed in the economic analysis section of strategic plan.)

Current Narrative:

The ICOA’s long term senior employment strategies focus on the Workforce Development Council’s four main industry sectors: [RB1] . Below is the number of jobs per targeted industry and the growth over the past six years.

SCSEP Table 1: Workforce Development Council’s Target Industries

WDC Target Industries201520162017201820192020Growth
Advanced Manufacturing 61,577 63,76966,05667,79268,40967,7009.94%
Aerospace 995 1,0391,1801,4501,4551,35736.38%
Food Processing 16,809 17,45218,57118,80819,19819,15913.98%
Health Care 85,512 87,93689,34892,99997,62198,71215.44%

Source: Idaho Department of Labor, Quarterly Census of Employment & Wages 2010- 2016

The occupations identified as high demand provide the data needed for ICOA and Easterseals-Goodwill to develop and recruit specific organizations to consider employing individuals 55+. The Top Ten High-Demand Occupations by annual openings is identified below.

SCSEP Table 2: Top Ten High-Demand Occupations by Annual Openings

Occupation 2020 Employment 2030 Projected EmploymentTotal Annual Openings* Median Hourly Wage
 Retail Salespersons 25,03227,1285,576$14.88
Cashiers 17,70818,5454,673$11.87
Waiter and Waitresses 12,57614,730 4,044$11.41
Customer Service Representatives 18,40920,4783,935$15.98
Food Preparation and Serving Workers, Including fast Food 14,80317,2434,595$10.27
Farmers, Ranchers, and Other Agricultural Managers 8,8289,9711,282$31.12
Office Clerks, General 18,33621,2063,524$13,70
 General and Operations Managers 14,15216,3312,172$40.85
Registered Nurses 15,35218,4021,465$34.44
Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers 14,44015,4032,493$21.30

* Annual Openings include openings due to growth and replacement needs

SOURCE: Idaho Department of Labor: lmi.idaho.gov/occupations-in-demand (data extracted on January 10, 2022)