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d. 2. A. Consultation and technical assistance to assist educational agencies in planning for the transition of students with disabilities from school to post-school activities, including VR services;

Current Narrative:

Technical Assistance is provided to LEA’s and Special Education teachers in a multitude of ways throughout the year. Most LEAs attend the transition conference or Mega conference and VR presents at both conferences. Transition counselors also work with all special education personnel at the local level to provide updates on VR services, trends and practices. Additionally, VR met with 360 high schools in the state to provide technical assistance and foster collaboration in development of pre- employment transition plans for the high schools. 97% of the participants (LEAs, Special Education teachers, transition specialist, job coaches, 504 coordinators) stated that they better understood WIOA, 98% felt they received the guidance and technical assistance needed to develop viable action plans for collaborative services. 99% stated they were provided with a method of monitoring and evaluating transition services.

A formal MOU and Inter-agency agreement between the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services and the Alabama State Department of Education was last updated and signed on July 3, 2018.  Issues such as consultation and technical assistance for both agencies’ personnel, parents, students and advocates are identified under scope of services in sections A, B and C. Parent and advocacy groups have received information on WIOA. Pre-ETS, and transition services in multiple venues on multiple occasions. Section D of the agreement specifies the limitations and procedures for sharing documentation between VR and SEA  for students/youth seeking sub-minimum wage employment (SWE). Competitive integrated employment is the first option however for those seeking SWE procedures are outlined in the agreement including all transition services under IDEA as written in the IEP and pre-employment transition services or transition services provided by ADRS. Documentation that the youth has applied for VR services and been found eligible or ineligible. Those students found eligible must have a plan for employment, worked towards a vocational outcome for a reasonable time without success and have a closed file. Youth must have received career counseling by the VR counselor, including information and referral services. 

ADRS provides consultation and technical assistance regarding pre-employment transitions services, potentially eligible status, VR, application process, eligibility requirements, vocational assessments, job placement services, local service providers, post—secondary education, and other topics deemed appropriate that will lead to a successful employment outcome. ADRS partners with ALSDE and Auburn Transition Leadership Institute to host an annual transition conference. This conference is attended by a variety of transition stakeholders including staff from LEAs, ALSDE, ADRS, Community Rehabilitation Programs and parents of students with disabilities. This conference provides an opportunity for counselors and transition staff to be updated on the latest successful trends and practices related to transition. Transition counselors also participate in transition work groups, teacher workshops and transition fairs hosted by the LEAs. Technical assistance is also provided to the transition counselors and LEA staff through quarterly progress monitoring of the Transition Unlimited action plans. These activities allow ADRS staff excellent opportunities to interact with education staff and teachers.