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p. 4. How the funds reserved for innovation and expansion (I&E) activities were utilized

Current Narrative:

IDVR provided funding support for the State Rehabilitation Council expenditures including travel, lodging, supplies, meeting room rentals, interpreters when necessary, facilitation services.  Due to COVID-19, I&E expenditures for FFY21 dropped to 12 percent of FFY19 SRC expenses as the SRC relied on distance technologies provided by IDVR.

FFY 2020 Cost: $7,075

FFY 2021 Cost: $2,911

IDVR funds the State Independent Living Council (SILC) for the purpose of Innovation and Expansion activities. Title I funds reserved for the SILC were used to support personnel and functions necessary for the operation of the SILC.  SILC I&E expenses were also down to 70 percent of FY19 expenses.

FFY 2020 Cost: $99,461

FFY 2021 Cost: $96,176