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p. 3. The VR program’s performance on the performance accountability indicators under section 116 of WIOA

Current Narrative:

Table 1: Historical Performance of IDVR on 116 Primary Performance Indicators (actual/non-adjusted)

Primary Indicator of Performance PY 2018 PY 2019 PY 2020 PY 2021
Employment Rate – 2nd Quarter after Exit 53.6% (ETA9169) 59.3% (ETA9169) 58.9% (ETA9169)  
Employment Rate – 4th Quarter after Exit 53.1% (IDVR) 54.6% (ETA9169) 57.3% (ETA9169)  
Median Earnings – 2nd Quarter after Exit $3734 (ETA9169) $4055 (ETA9169) $4259 (ETA9169)  
Credential Attainment 26% (Aware data) 3.8% (ETA9169) 40.3% (ETA9169)  
Measurable Skill Gains 35.3% (ETA9169) 51.2% (ETA9169) 52.6% (ETA9169)  
Effectiveness in Serving Employers -- -- -- --