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a. 2. A. Provide State policies or guidance for the statewide workforce development system and for use of State funds for workforce investment activities

Current Narrative:

The Idaho Workforce Development Council, functioning as both Idaho’s State and Local board, continually updates statewide and local operational policy for use by all WIOA service providers and may be found on the Idaho Department of Labor’s (serving as the state’s WIOA Administrative Entity) at the following link - ID State WIOA Program Policies. All statewide policies for Governance, WIOA Title IB, and One-Stop System reside on the Council’s website via the following link - Idaho WDC Policies.(link)

The following policies, however, are currently under review and slated for revision based on updated USDOL guidance or process changes.

  • Idaho Guidance for WIOA Adult Program Service Provision last updated July 14, 2016The update will incorporate most current WIOA 2022 Lower Living Standard Income Level (LLSIL) dated 4/6/2022. The current income levels, however, are in place for use by program staff.
  • Idaho Policy for WIOA Eligible Training Providers Idaho Eligibility Criteria and Procedures Adopted 04-07-2020This policy needs to incorporate guidance from TEGL 08-19.
  • Statewide Service Policies for WIOA Service Provision Updated October 25, 2017The youth incentive policies have been updated but are not contained within this bundle.
  • WIOAP 01-21 - Management Information System and WIOAP 03-20 - National Dislocated Worker Policy – A reference to TEGL 22-15, which was cancelled in 5/12/16, was inadvertently left in both narratives and should be removed.
  • WIOAP 01-20 - Change 1 - Measurable Skill Gains and WIOAB 12-19 – These are interchangeable guidance in which one contains a reference to TEGL 10-16 but should be updated to include “Change 1”. Reference to each will also be incorporated.  
  • WIOAP 01-19 - Individual Service Strategy Policy – As with others listed, the reference to TEGL 21-16, should be updated to include “Change 1”.