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a. 1. D. Provide the appeals process referred to in section 121(h)(2)(E) of WIOA relating to determinations for infrastructure funding

Current Narrative:

A one-stop partner may appeal its portion of funds required for one-stop infrastructure costs after determination by the Governor under the State infrastructure funding mechanism, consistent with §361.705(b).

The appeal must be made in writing to the Idaho Workforce Development Council within ten (10) business days of the Governor’s determination. The appeal will be heard at the next Workforce Development Council meeting, provided there are at least 14 days before the next meeting. If the Council’s regularly scheduled meeting is sooner than 14 days from the appeal submission, a special meeting of the Council, or a Committee designated by the Chair, shall be conducted within a 30-day period to accept or reject the appeal. The partner program entity shall have the opportunity to submit written and verbal information to the Workforce Development Council. The Council will issue a decision within 14 days of the Council appeal hearing. Its decision will be final.

Each partner may only appeal once per program year.