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e. 5. C. Marketing the Agricultural Recruitment System for U.S. Workers (ARS) to agricultural employers and how it intends to improve such publicity.

Current Narrative:

The Agricultural Recruitment System (ARS) is integrated into the Career Center System’s operating system, Alabama JobLink (AJL). Agricultural job orders may be placed directly into the system by employers or placed into the system with assistance of Career Center staff. Brochures on “The Agricultural Recruitment System: An Agricultural Worker’s Guide” and “The Employer Guide to participation in the H-2A Temporary Agricultural Program” will be available and provided to agricultural employers. Brochures highlighting all of the services available to employers through Career Centers are provided to employers as part of the Career Center System marketing program.

State attention was focused on the agricultural sector in 2010-2011 with introduction of the Governor’s “Work Alabama” initiative aimed at ensuring farmers have an adequate farm labor supply. This initiative required Career Center staff to identify, outreach and contact agricultural employers in the state to identify labor shortages and market Career Center services such as AJL, ARS and recruitment, and programs such as H2-A to ensure farmers an adequate agricultural labor supply. This relationship established between Career Centers and agricultural employers continues today and remains strong.

Additionally, the State Monitor Advocate will participate in meetings with farmworker organizations, county cooperatives, extension service, and others representing farmers to inform of and market Career Center System services, including ARS, H-2A programs to farmers. Career Center staff work with partner agencies to ensure that farmworkers reached through outreach are informed and encouraged to visit their local Career Center where they can have access to the full complement of services offered by the Career Center System. Staff in each Center work cooperatively to ensure information on each agency’s services is available to MSFWs upon visiting a Center.

This includes information on the complaint system. Some of the agencies partner with local community action agencies that offer assistance with paying utility bills, local food banks that supplement food needs, and health departments/agencies that may help with free or low-cost health and dental care. Pre-seasonal canvassing is conducted by local Career Center staff with leads provided from the State Monitor Advocate to determine anticipated MSFW population in local Center areas. Career Centers will conduct outreach activities to identify MSFW and services needed. Individuals and groups are contacted to offer and provide services to those not reached by usual Career Center intake activities.

Telamon partnering with Career Centers, register farmworkers in Alabama JobLink (AJL) who may be eligible for and in need of additional services through referral to the Career Center system. Career Centers strive to ensure that MSFWs are afforded the same basic, individualized and training services available to all clients.