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e. 6. A. Collaboration

Describe any collaborative agreements the state workforce agency (SWA) has with other MSFW service providers including NFJP grantees and other service providers.  Describe how the SWA intends to build upon/increase collaboration with existing partners and in establishing new partners over the next four years (including any approximate timelines for establishing agreements or building upon existing agreements).

Current Narrative:

In a collaborative effort, ASES works with local partner agencies to ensure that farmworkers reached through outreach are informed and encouraged to visit their local Career Center where they can have access to the full complement of services offered by the Alabama Career Centers. Staff in each Center work cooperatively to ensure information on each agency’s services is available to MSFWs upon visiting a Center.

This includes information on the complaint system. Some of the agencies, ASES, and Telamon partner with are local community action agencies that offer assistance with paying utility bills, local food banks that supplement food needs, and, health departments/agencies that may help with free or low-cost health and dental care.