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Florida PYs 2020-2023 Published Approved

Wagner-Peyser Act

Located in:

a. 3. Describe strategies developed to support training and awareness across core programs and the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program and the training provided for Employment Services and WIOA staff on identification of UI eligibility issues and referral to UI staff for adjudication

Current Narrative:

Training and Awareness on Identification of Unemployment Insurance (UI) Eligibility Issues

Florida provides available curriculum from the Tier I certificate program to all core partners. The curriculum covers topics including the history of Florida’s workforce, system, workforce program overview and customer service and other job placement techniques. Florida designed a Tier II curriculum for Reemployment Assistance which provides staff with in-depth concepts and information of specific workforce programs including WIOA, WP, TAA, SNAP and Welfare Transition (WT).

LWDBs may request training directly from the Bureau of Reemployment Assistance to ensure front-line staff are trained on the Reemployment Assistance program, in general, as well as training to help identify potential eligibility issues for referral to adjudication. Reemployment Assistance educational resources, such as general information and frequently asked questions, are available to local boards.

Florida may incorporate curriculum into the Tier II certificate program that includes program-specific training for Adult Education, VR and RA. This information will further increase awareness on the identification of RA eligibility issues.