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Florida PYs 2020-2023 Published Approved

Wagner-Peyser Act

Located in:

a. 2. Describe how the State will utilize professional development activities for Employment Service staff to ensure staff is able to provide high quality services to both jobseekers and employers

Current Narrative:

Professional Development for Employment Service Staff

Florida designed a comprehensive certificate exam, formally known as Tier I, to equip all employment services staff with appropriate knowledge to provide high-quality services to job seekers and employers. Within one year of hire, all front-line staff and employees who provide direct services to job seekers or employers are required to complete a series of standardized training modules providing foundational information about the workforce system.

The Tier I Certificate is a thorough online training program that covers topics including workforce system history, workforce program overview and customer service and other job placement techniques. Upon completion of the online training modules, staff are required to complete a comprehensive exam to demonstrate comprehension of the material. Staff must successfully pass the exam to be Tier I certified and proficient to assist job seekers and employers.

Staff are required to seek new training opportunities annually to enhance job knowledge and ensure satisfactory knowledge of new workforce tools and existing strategies. To assist staff in attaining continuing education units, Florida designed a Tier II certificate program. Tier II content includes in-depth information of specific workforce programs and prepares staff in WIOA, Wagner-Peyser (WP), TAA, SNAP and Welfare Transition (WT) programs. The Tier II certificate program is a cost-effective method to train staff in one convenient location that is immediately accessible.

Florida hosts periodic on-site and web-based training opportunities to share information and keep staff informed of trends. In collaboration with other agencies, Florida’s workforce system enhances the knowledge base of staff by linking the duties and responsibilities of career center staff with those of other partners and departments.