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Florida PYs 2020-2023 Published Approved

Located in:

l. 3. C. Other available information on the operation and effectiveness of the VR program, including any reports received from the State Rehabilitation Council and findings and recommendations from monitoring activities conducted under section 107.

Current Narrative:

The Division included feedback from the Florida Rehabilitation Council for the Blind and priorities from DOE’s strategic plan in developing its goals and priorities for operating the VR and Supported Employment Programs. In addition to the section 116 of WIOA performance indicators, the Division uses the measures reflected in the table below to evaluate the effectiveness of the VR and SE programs.  

Figure 10.09

Long-Range Program Plan Indicators

Approved Performance Measures FY 2019-20Approved Prior Year FY 2018-19 StandardActual Prior Year FY 2018-19 StandardApproved FY 2019-20 StandardRequested FY 2020-21 Standard
Number/percent of rehabilitation customers gainfully employed at least 90 days (regardless of wage earned)747/68.3%888/63.16747/68.3%747/68.3%
Number/percent rehabilitation customers placed in competitive employment (at or above minimum wage)654/ 4.3%881/ 9.91%654/ 4.3%700/ 0%
Projected average annual earnings of rehabilitation customers at placement$16,500$23,588$16,500$20,000