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d. 3. Administration of the work test for the State unemployment compensation system, including making eligibility assessments (for referral to UI adjudication, if needed), and providing job finding and placement services for UI claimants; and

Current Narrative:

As part of the “work-test” to ensure UI claimants required to conduct a work search are available and seeking employment, Wagner-Peyser staff reach out to UI claimants early and often in their claim, either electronically, by phone, and/or by mail to apprise of one-stop career center services and encourage visiting their nearest center for reemployment assistance.

UI claimants profiled and selected for the Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA) program targeting those most likely to exhaust benefits  are mandated to come to a center for mandatory reemployment services to include: (1) orientation to all services, including self-service; (2) provision of labor market and career information; (3) development of an Individual Reemployment Plan (IRP) that includes work search activities such as assessments, counseling, training, resume preparation, and job search; and (4) eligibility assessment to ensure claimants are complying with mandated work search requirements.  

My Reemployment Plan, a tool endorsed by the US Department of Labor is the cornerstone to engaging and preparing claimants for their next job.  A My Reemployment Plan workbook is provided to each participant at the initial group orientation to career center services.  The workbook and a video series are also available on desktops of resource room computers and staff computers in the career center for ease of access.  Headphones are available for individuals wishing to work through the video series in the resource area.  Group orientations begin with the video “Introduction to My Reemployment Plan” to provide an overview of the program and establish the linkage between the workbook and the videos.  This gives claimants a sense of ownership and an active role in their Reemployment Plan. 

Wagner-Peyser staff are familiar with the workbook and videos and in the one-on-one interviews with claimants to develop an individualized reemployment plan can identify areas of these resources that can be utilized to overcome identified needs and barriers and strengthen job readiness. Claimants are encouraged to take part in Microsoft training available through NorthStar credentialing series and be evaluated for the National Career Ready Certificate as they seek to return to stable employment.

UI claimants not selected for RESEA may receive many of the same reemployment services through the Wagner-Peyser grant and the state funded Claimant Assistance Program. Other unemployed individuals have available many of these same reemployment services as determined appropriate with their needs determination by interview and assessment with Wagner-Peyser staff. Where possible, these individuals are encouraged to participate in the RESEA group orientation and are provided a workbook.


Wagner-Peyser staff members are trained in administration of the work test for UI claimants, including making eligibility assessments. As possible availability issues are detected during interviews with UI claimants, they are reported to UI staff for adjudication. Wagner-Peyser staff members also provide staff-assisted reemployment services to include job search and placement services.


UI claimants must register in the state’s automated labor exchange and log-in to the website weekly to search for a job or visit a one-stop center for staff-assisted services as part of their job search requirement for receipt of benefits. Failure to comply with job search requirements may jeopardize benefits.


One-Stop Career Center staff meetings of all partners are periodically conducted to share information and cross-train staff. Wagner-Peyser ES staff members are cross-trained on UI eligibility issues and are responsible for conducting the UI work test and, more recently, have been designated as responsible for the UI eligibility assessment portion of the Re-Employment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA) program. Other core programs, including WIOA Title I staff, are aware of UI eligibility issues through One-Stop staff meetings. UI has developed a desk-aid for One-Stop staff use in identifying potential eligibility issues. Additionally, UI has developed a power point presentation for Center staff that is available on their desk-top. Wagner- Peyser ES management works closely with Unemployment Insurance management to provide continuous training to One-Stop staff on UI program changes that may affect eligibility.