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b. 3. Training Provider Eligibility Procedure

Provide the procedure, eligibility criteria, and information requirements  for determining training provider initial and continued eligibility, including Registered Apprenticeship programs (WIOA Section 122).

Current Narrative:

Training Provider Eligibility Procedure

WIOA and its regulations establish the allowable types of training, including both work-based and classroom instruction, with the goal of ensuring provider performance, job-driven training, informed consumer choice, continuous improvement, and cost-effective investment of public funds. CareerSource Florida Administrative Policy 90 – WIOA Eligible Training Provider List was implementedto provide guidance to LWDBs and post-secondary training providers of training services programs funded under WIOA, regarding the Eligible Training Provider requirements.

CareerSource Florida Administrative Policy 90 – WIOA Eligible Training Provider List can be viewed online. This policy complies with Training and Employment Guidance Letters No. 41-14 and 41-14, Change 1.

Training and Employment Guidance Letter No. 08-19 was issued on January 2, 2020 to identify actions that states can take to meet requirements for training providers, program eligibility, and the state Eligible Training Provider list in WIOA Section 122 and 20 CFR part 680. This guidance replacing TEGL 41-14 and the subsequent TEGL 41-14, Change 1 has been provided to LWDBs.

CareerSource Florida and the Department of Economic Opportunity participate in a Policy Development Workgroup consisting of staff from CareerSource Florida’s Strategic Policy and Performance Team and the Department of Economic Opportunity’s Bureau of One-Stop and Program Support. The Policy Development Workgroup is working with local boards and other stakeholders to update CareerSource Florida Administrative Policy 90.

Information about procedures, eligibility criteria, and information requirements for determining training provider initial and continued eligibility for Registered Apprenticeship programs is available in CareerSource Florida Strategic Policy 2019.02.13.A.1 – Apprenticeship Policy and CareerSource Florida Administrative Policy 100 – Work-Based Training. Upon completion of CareerSource Florida Administrative Policy 90, appropriate relevant policies will also be updated as necessary for further implementation of TEGL No. 08-19 providing guidelines for the initial and subsequent determination of eligibility of training providers; the federal and state requirements for training providers; performance standards, the reporting of data and the removal provisions for training providers.