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b. 5. Describe the State’s criteria regarding local area transfer of funds between the adult and dislocated worker programs

Current Narrative:

Criteria for Local Area Transfer of Funds Between the Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs

The Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) and the State Workforce Development Board will continue to grant the authority, on behalf of the Governor, to allow Local Workforce Development Boards to use each program year’s allocation on Dislocated Worker funds for expenditures on Adult Activities, and each program year’s allocation of Adult funds for expenditures on Dislocated Worker Activities.  Local Workforce Development Boards are required to ensure any transfer of funds between WIOA programs complies with federal law and to record and document their use and application of local funds.

Local boards must meet the requirements of CareerSource Florida Administrative Policy 091 -- Local Workforce Development Board Composition and Certificationin order to maintain continued authorization for the utilization of the transfer of expenditures for Adult Activities and Dislocated Worker Activities. Specifically, the local area has ensured that workforce investment activities carried out in the local area have enabled a local area to meet the corresponding performance accountability measures and achieve fiscal integrity as defined in WIOA sec. 106(e).