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b. 4. Describe how the State will implement and monitor the priority for public assistance recipients, other low-income individuals, and individuals who are basic skills deficient in accordance with the requirements of WIOA sec. 134(c)(3)(E), which applies to individualized career services and training services funded by the Adult Formula program

Current Narrative:

DWD will continue to review its WIOA Priority of Service (POS) guidance to better align with the federal vision and the strategies outlined within this Plan. Updated POS guidance was recently issued and is available at: https://www.in.gov/dwd/files/3511/2019-04-P_WIOA_Title_I_Adult_Priority_of_Service.pdf. The guidance outlines POS obligations in accordance with TEGL 19-16 and requires that local areas have written policies that delineate how they will implement and ensure POS.  DWD is currently collecting and reviewing local policies to ascertain local methodology.  Regarding monitoring, DWD will pull a random sample of clients for each local area, then compare the local policy with the state policy and data from our case management system to ensure POS is being carried out appropriately.  Technical assistance will be provided as needed.