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Requesting Roles and Access

What is my role?

Your role in WIOA determines the privileges and permissions you have in the portal. For example, if you have the role of a State Staff Editor, you can access a specific program section and make edits to the narratives in a State Plan. If you have the role of Big Submitter, you have permission to submit the State Plan for Federal Review. You can have more than one role within WIOA. You need to request each role.

New Accounts      

The first time you login to the WIOA SPP after you have created your account, you will be directed to the Request Access page. It will display either State or Federal Roles and Descriptions, according to your employee type, as you noted when you created your account. Follow the steps under Requesting Access below to request access to the roles that you need to perform your work.

Existing Accounts

If it’s not your first time in WIOA and you want to request access to additional roles, go to your Profile, select the ‘Request Access +’ button and follow the steps below.

Requesting Access                            

To select the roles and access you need to perform your work, follow this process.

  1. Select the appropriate role(s) in the Roles column.
    • The Description provides further information to help with your selection.
  2. After selecting the role, select the additional access in the right column of that role. You can make multiple selections.
    • Roles you already have are unavailable to select.
  3. When you are finished requesting access, select the “Submit Request” button.
Displaying State Roles and Descriptions when requesting access

To cancel your selection, select “Go Back.” If you do, your access request will not be submitted. You will enter your State or Federal Profile, where you can view all roles, permissions, and access. You can start over with your access request by selecting the “Request Access +” button and following the steps to request roles and access.


Select your name in the top right menu of any WIOA SPP page to open your State or Federal Profile. After you have made your initial access requests, look no further than your profile for updates, such as viewing your roles and permissions, updating user information, changing your password, and requesting additional access in your user profile. View the job aid on Managing Information in my Profile for more details.