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The glossary provides definitions for general terms and keywords used throughout the WIOA State Plan Portal. You can use the search feature to find terms in the glossary.

WIOA Glossary
Enter a full or partial term and select the Apply input button to search. Select the Reset input button to start over.

Narratives are marked ‘Acceptable’ when the content needs no changes.

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Compliance Issue

Narratives are marked ‘Compliance Issue’ when there is a compliance issue which must be resolved.

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Content Lock

The content lock is a feature of this portal that allows only one person to edit a narrative at a time. When an editor selects the ‘Edit’ button, this turns on the automatic content lock so others cannot edit at the same time. The content lock message is displayed in a colored bar. To unlock your narrative, save your work. After you save, the narrative is available for another person who has access to edit the content. This is the recommended process of locking and unlocking content.

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Editorial Disallowed

This is a label or status that may appear next to a partner program in the Plan Content area of the dashboard. If you did not select a program to be included in your plan, these programs are unavailable to you, hence editorial disallowed. You can change what programs are in your plan either when the plan is created or during the two-year modification cycle.

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Federal Agency

The federal agency you work for or support.

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Feedback Comments

Feedback comments are provided by several different roles on the federal side. They provide comments on each individual narrative, marking the content as ‘Acceptable,’ ‘Technical Assistance’, or ‘Compliance Issue.’

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Job Aid

Job Aids are how-to guides that walk through common tasks performed in the portal. You can find them in the ‘Resources’ section.

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This is the content you enter – where you put your words, tables, charts, images, etc. Sometimes referred to as "Narrative Content," "Requirement" or "Elements."

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Narrative Requirement

The requirement is what is required to be covered in the narrative – the prompt to write to.

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Narrative status

The narrative is the only element of content in the portal, and as it goes through different stages it is labeled with different statuses. 

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Office / Agency

Within your Federal Agency, your office or agency.

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Plan Dashboard

This is the main entry point to content on the site. When you select a state plan to view, you are taken to the plan dashboard that shows different things depending on your level of access and the status of the plan.

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Plan status

When all sections have the same status, the state plan status may be changed. Many plan status changes are automated, and only a select few roles can change those that are not automated.

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Plan, State Plan

In the portal, the state plan refers to the live content in the system or the published plan content from previous years. This content is searchable and can be downloaded as a PDF.

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If you have an account in the portal, you have a profile that includes the personal information you provided when registering, and details about the level of access you have in the portal. Your profile can be accessed by selecting your name from the navigation menu after you log in.

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Refers to a partner program in your state plan. Sometimes referred to in the portal as 'program sections' or 'sections.'

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Most reports are limited to the Steering Committee. The ‘Reports’ section of the portal has different collections of data about different things. The ‘Reports’ option offers a few reports for federal staff (with some requiring Steering Committee access to view).

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The Resources section on the portal includes informational items related to policy guidance and technical assistance. The ‘Resources’ page provides a variety of materials available to the the state and federal users as well as the public about the WIOA State Plans and the organizations that work together to create them.

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When you create your portal account, a role is assigned to you that grants you different levels of access. The roles are based on what you need to do in the portal. You can have more than one role.

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Sections represent distinct program portions of the plan.

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