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Here are your burning questions! The portal contains many job aids to support you that answer these questions. Some job aids may require you to be logged in to access them.

I'm creating an account and I got the message that my email account is not from an allowed domain. What should I do?

Double check the email account you used to register is correct, and if so, request approval. The support team will follow up with you via email.

How do I approve State Staff Editor requests? (I'm a State Program Director)

Open your 'User Requests' list from the menu. You should see any requests waiting for your approval in this view. For more details, read the Approving access requests (new for State Program Directors) job aid. This page also includes a video on approving State Staff Editor requests.

My account is blocked! What should I do?

First of all, no problem! Request to be unblocked. Once you have been unblocked, you have 48 hours to log in again before your account will be blocked automatically. 

How do I update my name, phone number, and email address?

There is so much information in your profile. To open your profile, select your name in the menu. You can update your name and phone number in your profile, as well as request new roles and access.

If you need to change your email address in the WIOA portal, first update your email in Login.gov or your Department of Education account first, then submit a request to the WIOA Help Desk to update your email address in the WIOA portal. View details in the Managing information in my Profile job aid.

How do I request additional roles and access in the portal?

If you need additional roles in the portal, request these through your profile. To open your profile, select your name in the menu. Expand your existing roles under 'Roles' to view your current permissions. To request a new role, select 'Request Access +' and submit the new roles you want to request for approval. Details are in the Requesting access to WIOA plans job aid.

How do I enter feedback for the state?
Federal login to the portal required to access these links.

Before returning a section to the state for corrections, federal users must enter feedback. Federal users can follow the steps in the Reviewing a State Plan (Federal) series of job aids that will help them (among other things) prepare feedback and return sections to the state for corrections.