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The Secure Login Overview


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Effective immediately, the WIOA password module has been removed and replaced by the Department of Education secure login. WIOA portal passwords no longer need to be reset every 90 days.

The Department of Education secure login means that when you log into the WIOA portal, your sign in is authenticated either through a Login.gov account or through your Department of Education account. 

Department of Ed secure login

This security increase will streamline your access to the WIOA portal and reduce the need for distinct and complex passwords for multiple systems and portals. Refer to The Department of Education's Login Guidance for External Users for detailed information, steps and help.

This brief interactive activity may also help you understand how to log in.

Review more frequently asked questions on the FAQs: Secure Login - Login.gov or Department of Education Account job aid.

More Details

In August 2023, the Department of Education strengthened the security of the WIOA State Plan Portal (SPP) by implementing a new secure login feature that uses Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). In the fall of 2023, the Department of Education secure login was introduced to replace the WIOA State Plan Portal's standard WIOA login process.

This change was a direct response to memoranda sent by the White House (M-22-16 and M-22-09) that required the use of additional levels of security for all users.

The two secure login options are noted here, according to the kind of user you are.

  • Most Users: All users outside the Department of Education, including Department of Labor users, will use Login.gov account credentials to access the WIOA Portal.
  • Department of Education Users: If you are a Department of Education "ed.gov" user, you'll use your Department PIV card through the secure login.