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Advanced Search


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Use the Advanced Search to perform a keyword search across all published state plans (the PDFs of published state plans are also available for download from the homepage). You can limit the search to a single state or group of states, or search for specific portions of the published plans.

To search for content in published plans, select ‘Advanced Search’ in the menu to open the Advanced Search page.

  1. Enter the search term in the ‘Search by Keyword’ field. Use the pop-up help for information on wildcard and regular expression search features.
  2. Optional: Select a plan section.
  3. Optional: Select a plan year.
  4. Optional: Select a state or territory.
  5. Select ‘Search.’ It may take a few moments to process your results.

Your results will appear below the search terms. To open the results, select the link from the search results.

You can choose to export your search results. At the bottom of the page, click the 'Export Search Results' link and follow the instructions.