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a. 16. Information about expenses the State agency proposes to reimburse. FNS must be afforded the opportunity to review and comment on the proposed reimbursements before they are implemented.

Current Narrative:

There will not be a cap placed on the following reimbursements as long as they are reasonable and necessary and funding is available:

  • Clothing
  • Equipment needed for training/employment
  • Drug testing required for employment
  • Shoes
  • Union dues necessary for employment
  • Medical test required for employment
  • Licensing and bonding fees for work placement
  • Background check/finger printing required for employment
  • Other reimbursements may be considered if they are  reasonable and necessary for employment/training and are allowable E&T costs


In addition to DHR’s allowances, third-party partners will be encouraged to provide for transportation and other participant expenses that are necessary or are an integral part of the E&T service (e.g., welding masks).