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a. 2. An operating budget for the Federal fiscal year with an estimate of the cost of operation for each Federal fiscal year covered by the Combined Plan. Any State agency that requests 50 percent Federal reimbursement for State agency E&T administrative costs, other than for participant reimbursements, must include in its plan, or amendments to its plan, an itemized list of all activities and costs for which those Federal funds will be claimed, including the costs for case management and casework to facilitate the transition from economic dependency to self-sufficiency through work. Costs in excess of the Federal grant will be allowed only with the prior approval of FNS and must be adequately documented to assure that they are necessary, reasonable and properly allocated. A State must submit a plan amendment to request budget adjustments at least 30 days prior to planned implementation;

Current Narrative:

Direct Costs:

 State costFederal costTotal
a) Salary/Wages$43,116.06 $43,116.05 $86,232.11
b) Fringe Benefits* Approved Fringe Benefit Rate Used _23.33_____%$10,058.98 $10,058.98  $20,117.96
c) Contractual Costs (Admin Only)$2,794,232.82 $2,794,232.82  $5,588,465.65
d) Non-capital Equipment and Supplies$114,442.68 $114,442.68 $228,885.36
e) Materials$250.00 $250.00 $500.00
f) Travel$1,000.00 $1,000.00 $2,000.00
g) Building/Space$301,125.96 $301,125.96 $602,251.92
h) Equipment & Other Capital Expenditures$2,500.00 $2,500.00 $5,000.00
Total Direct Costs$3,266,726.50 $3,266,726.50  $6,533,453.00


Indirect Costs:

 State costFederal costTotal
Indirect Costs*Approved Indirect Cost Rate Used:____%$206,097.81 $206,097.81 $412,195.62


In-kind Contributions:

 State costFederal costTotal
State in-kind contribution   
Total Administrative Cost (Total of items I, II, and III)   
100 Percent Federal E&T Grant 1,537,444.001,537,444.00
50 percent Additional Administrative Expenditure   


Participant Reimbursement (State plus Federal):

a)  Dependent Care (including contractual costs) $250,000.00  $250,000.00  $500,000.00
b)  Transportation & Other Costs (including contractual costs)$170,000.00 $170,000.00 $340,000.00
c) State Agency Cost for Dependent Care Services   
 Total 50 percent Participant Reimbursement Expenses $420,000.00  $420,000.00  $840,000.00
 State costFederal costTotal
V.  Total Costs$3,892,824.31  $3,892,824.31   $7,785,648.62

Indiana offers services on a voluntary basis to SNAP recipients who choose to participate in the IMPACT Program. Voluntary SNAP IMPACT participants, including ABAWDs, begin with a comprehensive orientation that details the benefits of the program. Each person is assessed and a self-sufficiency plan (SSP) is developed. Clients are then placed in appropriate activities, referrals are made, and supportive services are provided.