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a. 10. The organizational relationship between the units responsible for certification and the units operating the E&T components, including units of the Statewide workforce development system, if available. FNS is specifically concerned that the lines of communication be efficient and that noncompliance by the participant be reported to the certification unit within 10 working days after the noncompliance occurs;

Current Narrative:

Work Registration Penalties for non-compliance with Work Registration are only imposed on individuals who are mandatory for Work Registration. Indiana is currently a voluntary state, therefore the only sanctions applied are those for Voluntary Quit or Voluntary Reduction of Hours. For applicants who have voluntarily quit employment, without good cause, in the 60 days prior to application date, or after application, but prior to authorization, the individual is disqualified for a minimum of 2 months, or until the individual complies, whichever is later. For recipients who voluntarily quit without good cause, or voluntarily reduce hours below 30 per week without good cause, the penalties are a minimum of two months (or until complies) for first offense; minimum of 6 months (or until complies) for second offense; minimum of 36 months (or until complies) for third offense. In all cases, the minimum sanction must be served, but client is not eligible until in compliance. “Compliance” is when an individual obtains employment comparable in salary or hours to the job that was quit/reduced.