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j. 1. C. Who have been unserved or underserved by the VR program;

Current Narrative:

The following is a summary of survey questions and responses in regard to services for minorities:

  • Who is not being served well enough? 
    • Five groups received responses over 10%:  individuals with the most significant disabilities (15.7%), individuals residing in rural areas (13.3%), individuals with mental illness (12.9%), individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (11.5%), and individuals with autism (10.5%). In the “Other” category, nine responses indicated that individuals who are not identified as having the most significant disabilities are being underserved. Several respondents noted that individuals with criminal/drug history and individuals who are non-verbal are being underserved.
  • What is needed to improve services for underserved populations in the previous question?
    • Three responses were identified as the most needed for improved services to underserved populations.  Improved transportation at 25.5% ranked the highest, with increased outreach (23.1%) ranking second.  Increased training for employment specialists and job coaches (19.1%) was the third response with all others falling below 10%.  In responding to the “Other” option, elimination of order of selection (13 responses) and increased staff (15 responses) were identified.