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l. 3. B. The State’s performance under the performance accountability measures of section 116 of WIOA; and

Current Narrative:

Baseline data is being collected and RSA will establish level of performance with VR for measurable skill gains.  Additional measures will  be negotiated when baseline data is available.  Strategies to improve performance are outlined in Section O (6) 1. Analysis as described is enabling ADRs to establish a level of expected performance before the baseline data is available from RSA.

In addition, Section P (3) further describes performance to date used to assess performance in relation to the WIOA common measures. Specifically this analysis in P (3) has revealed the following. In program year 2017, the first year of data collection for Measurable Skill gains, 17% of ADRS participants enrolled in training leading to a post-secondary credential were recorded as having achieved a measurable skill gain. In program year 2018, this indicator improved to 37%.At the time of this writing, one completed year of data is available regarding the agency’s performance on indicator 1) 2nd Quarter After Exit Employment Rate and indicator 3) Median Earnings 2nd Quarter After Exit. Data obtained from the ETA-9169: Annual Performance Report for Alabama 2018 indicate a second quarter employment rate of 62.8%. For the same reporting period, ADRS attained Median Earnings 2nd Quarter After Exit of $3,568.

The results of this data analysis support the goal to expand and improve competitive integrated employment, job retention and advancement opportunities for youth and adults with disabilities.