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n. 2. A. The provision of extended services for a period not to exceed 4 years; and

Current Narrative:

Extended service provision is provided to youth with the most significant disabilities in a variety of ways. This includes the Medicaid waiver, state dollars set aside to support youth in Project SEARCH, case management services for IPS, fund raising, private pay and ADRS for youth for up to four years or until they no longer meet the definition of a youth.

ADRS does provide extended services to youth who do not receive Medicaid waiver services through ADMH.  For youth who are on the waiting list for the Medicaid waiver, ADRS collaborates with ADMH to try to access these services.  With the implementation of pre-employment transition services, ADRS is receiving increased referrals for youth with very significant needs, including the need for extended support services.   It is anticipated that we will see an increase in youth requiring extended services funded by ADRS.