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Located in:

d. 2. D. Procedures for outreach to and identification of students with disabilities who need transition services.

Current Narrative:

Section C of the MOU between the ALSDE and ADRS, specifically numbers 5-7 addresses outreach to students with disabilities requiring transition services. This is also addressed in Section B11 in the Memorandum of Understanding.
Outreach efforts continually occur between LEA staff and the designated VR counselor. These counselors (who often have exclusively transition caseloads) work with teachers, guidance counselors, school nurses, psychometrists and other education staff to identify students with disabilities who need transition services. Additional outreach will occur during IEP meetings, community-based transition team meetings, teen transition clinic, job fairs, advocacy meetings, parent focus groups and other related events. These outreach efforts will inform school personnel, students, other state agency personnel, advocates, appropriate family members and other representative of the following:

a. Description of the purpose of VR

b. Information regarding eligibility requirements

c. Information regarding application procedures and

d. Scope of services that may be available to eligible individuals.