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p. 1. B. Describe the factors that impeded the achievement of the goals and priorities

Current Narrative:

Barriers that impeded achievement of goals and priorities

Despite obstacles such as changes to waitlist management, fiscal strains, preparing for and implementing Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), staff turnover and rising caseload sizes, VR made great progress towards achieving its strategic projects and agency priorities. When waitlist categories were closed due to fiscal and human resource deficits, field staff used this time to reconnect and engage customers, as well as close cases for customers no longer interested in services. Budget and caseload projection models were also developed during this time and have allowed VR to better manage and plan.

Preparing for WIOA implementation forced VR to reexamine its business processes and organizational structure, which has resulted in more efficient and standardized operations. It has also allowed VR to develop true partnerships and connections with other employment-focused entities. These improvements, borne out of necessity, have increased VR’s ability to plan for the future, as well as to be flexible when barriers are encountered.