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i. 6. Coordination of Personnel Development Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

As appropriate, describe the procedures and activities to coordinate the designated State unit's comprehensive system of personnel development with personnel development under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Current Narrative:

VR has a Director of Youth Services on staff to train and notify VR field staff of all changes and initiatives related to working with transition-aged students. The Director of Youth Services will also work to develop cross training materials from other agencies like DWD in order to provide the best services for the transitioning youth. IIDC continues to serve as a transition resource to VR and DOE. Training and technical assistance is offered statewide and the targeted audience is parents, students, school officials, VR professionals, and CRP staff. Initiatives are currently ongoing to develop and update transition guides that will be available to all appropriate stakeholders. The Transition Advisory Council has been expanded over the past two years and serves as an advisory group pertaining to statewide VR Transition initiatives, including Pre-ETS. In addition to VR, partners who sit on this group include parent advocates, DOE, DWD, local schools, IIDC, VR providers including Pre-ETS providers, Department of Corrections, and others. Additional partners will be joining in 2020 including representation from the Department of Mental Health and Addiction (DMHA). VR Youth Counselors conducted a needs assessment with local schools in 2019 to identify service and training needs, and VR will be providing updated training to VR staff as well as outlining minimum expectations and best practices related to VR transition activities in early 2020.