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q. 1. The quality, scope, and extent of supported employment services to be provided to individuals with the most significant disabilities, including youth with the most significant disabilities

Current Narrative:

Supported employment services are provided to our blind or visually impaired clients who have multiple disabilities, who have the most significant disabilities, who are consequently are eligible to receive supported employment services. These multiple disabilities include developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, and mental illness or a combination of these disabilities. SE services are provided by the community rehabilitation programs which are accredited by CARF or RSAS.

Supported Employment Services include the following:

Time limited services needed to include job coaching and communication with the employers, to support training while the individual is employed.  Continued funding of SE cases is contingent upon progress toward learning the essential functions of the job and/or fading hours of ongoing support to the level of employer satisfaction immediately prior to the assessment of initial stability.

Any other service that would be identified as requisite to the targeted supported employment outcome after placement ahead of transfer to externally funded ongoing support services.

SE may also include Customized Employment elements, after placement.

Extended services for youth are available for qualifying youth in the absence of other ongoing support services available in the community.

ICBVI and IDVR provide the upfront training until the clients are stabilized on their jobs and at that point they are transferred to the long-term support services through Health and Welfare HCBS waiver or the IDVR Extended Employment Services (EES) Program.

Extended services are available to youth with most significant disabilities for up to 4 years, or until the individual turns 25 years old and no longer meets the definition of a “youth with a disability”, whichever comes first.