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Located in:

l. 3. B. The State’s performance under the performance accountability measures of section 116 of WIOA; and

Current Narrative:

ICBVI began reporting Measurable Skill Gains data in PY 20. The state VR program exceeded the negotiated target of 38.5%. The negotiated target for PY 21 is 41%.

The following performance measures are scheduled to be negotiated in PY 21.:

  • Employment in the 2nd quarter after exit
  • Employment in the 4th quarter after exit
  • Median earnings 2nd quarter
  • Credential attainment

A timeline for the following performance measure has not yet been established:

  • Effectiveness in serving employers

The Commission has updated our data sharing agreement, including signing the State Wage Interchange System (SWIS) Agreement. While, ICBVI has requested access to Idaho’s Data Management Council to gain access to Idaho’s Statewide Longitudinal Data System, the current data exchange environment does not allow for this information to be exchanged in time for reporting purposes.  The Commission is working closely with other core WIOA partners on a Workforce Development Quality Initiative (WDQI) grant which seeks to remove barriers through automation and reduce the time required to access this data.

In PY 2021, the Commission  implemented  a data validation framework and policy  which provides strong  internal control and quarterly data checks to detect anomalies and errors. 

The Commission will continue to collect and analyze data to inform initial baseline thresholds to establish levels of performance to use for future negotiations with RSA.