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i. 2. Plan for Recruitment, Preparation and Retention of Qualified Personnel

Describe the development and implementation of a plan to address the current and projected needs for qualified personnel including, the coordination and facilitation of efforts between the designated State unit and institutions of higher education and professional associations to recruit, prepare, and retain personnel who are qualified, including personnel from minority backgrounds and personnel who are individuals with disabilities.

Current Narrative:

ICBVI plans for recruitment will be to continue to recruit qualified staff from the Idaho State University and at other regional and national institutions of higher education. We maintain contact with Western Washington University, Utah State University, Portland State University, Western Oregon University, University of Wisconsin-Stout, University of Northern Colorado and Montana State University, all of which have Master’s programs in Rehabilitation Counseling.

ICBVI also uses the following for recruitment of Senior VR Counselors and Senior Instructors for the Blind:

  • Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC)
  • The Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (AER) website
  • The internet as utilized by the Idaho Division of Human Resources
  • Internships and practicums completed by students with ICBVI
  • Personal contact with instructors in university programs
  • National Federation of the Blind (NFB) website
  • Region X Coalition

ICBVI has provided practicums and internships for Master’s level students in the Rehabilitation Counseling program over the last five years and anticipates that it will provide an additional one to three practicums or internships in the next two years. 

 Training and continuing education is provided to VR staff   from a variety of venues:

  • National Rehabilitation Association (state and national conferences)
  • The Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (AER)
  • Helen Keller National Institute
  • State and regional conferences and workshops
  • Collaborative trainings with IDVR
  • Technical Assistance Centers (e.g. WITAC, YTAC)
  • Annual in-service training
  • Webinar based trainings

 Presently, we employ 17 individuals with a disability, 12 of whom are blind or visually impaired and 2 individuals are from a minority background. 

ICBVI participates in Career Fairs around the state to encourage and seek out individuals from diverse backgrounds including individuals with disabilities and from minority backgrounds.

ICBVI salaries compare favorably with the surrounding states in the Pacific Northwest. The agency also encourages and supports, costs, training/education time of staff and formal education and certification for staff.

ICBVI hires any person into a permanent position from a temporary position if they have met the minimum standards for that position as determined by the State of Idaho’s Department of Human Resources for that classified position.