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e. 1. Describe how the State will use the funds to carry out the required State Leadership activities under section 223 of WIOA

Current Narrative:

ODCTE administers and monitors federal and state adult education and literacy funds to local providers and provides program development and training activities in order to assure quality basic skills services for all students across the State.

12.5 percent of the Federal money is allowed for Leadership activities; 5 percent of the Federal money is allowed for administrative activities; 82.5 percent of the Federal money must be distributed to grantees. All funded providers will be required to detail the process that will be used to collaborate with all stakeholders and align adult basic education programming with all core and combined partners. Eligible providers will provide services in alignment with local plans detailing how they will promote concurrent enrollment with Title I programs and activities in order to meet the state adjusted levels of performance and collect data to report on performance indicators. In addition, all providers will describe how they will fulfill one-stop responsibilities in their region. The following activities are ongoing in Oklahoma in preparation to meet the new requirements:

1. The alignment of adult education and literacy activities with other core programs and one-stop partners: The implementation of strategies identified in the state plan and the development of career pathways to deliver access to training and employment services for individuals involved in adult education programs. ODCTE ABE staff meet regularly with other core partners in aligning adult basic education activities with the activities of the core partners. These meetings are used to establish policies and guidance for the workforce development boards in implementing these policies. Such policies will provide the guidance necessary in the implementing career pathways and allowing individuals access to employment and training services for individuals in adult education and literacy activities. ODCTE staff currently serve on the statewide Career Pathways committee that includes individuals from business and industry, technology centers, higher education, and adult basic education.

2. The establishment and operation of high quality professional development programs: Oklahoma may provide state administration funds annually for each ABE provider to participate in high quality professional development of their choosing. The state will reimburse each provider for these activities The state will also provide professional development utilizing conference calls, regional meetings, webinars, and other means. Professional development topics to be covered may include areas suggested by the ABE service providers as well as areas necessary for the advancement of adult education in Oklahoma. These areas may include best practices in instruction, classroom management, learning disabilities for adults, retention of students, blended learning, interactive pedagogy, and best practices for ESL in teaching multilevel ESL classroom,

3. Technical assistance will be provided to eligible providers and may include 1) assistance in the use of technology, including for staff training to eligible providers especially the use of technology to improve data collection efficiencies, 2) the development and distribution of instructional practices based on the most current and valid research available, 3) student retention, 4) budget and claims, 5) student records, and 6) providing guidance to eligible providers as they fulfill their role as one-stop partners in providing access to employment, education, and training services. ODCTE staff will regularly meet on-site with eligible providers to assist these providers in these and other areas.

4. Monitoring and evaluation of adult education and literacy activities will be conducted through program monitoring visits for each provider and ongoing technical assistance. Regular fiscal reviews for all funded programs will also be conducted. The ODCTE will follow its risk assessment policy and its monitoring policy. Monitoring visits will regularly be conducted to check student records and other data, support for the ABE program by the organization, staff development, instruction and curriculum, testing, and other areas. Professional development activities will be evaluated utilizing a survey instrument issued by ODCTE staff. The survey utilized will assist the ODCTE in evaluating its professional development activities through by allowing feedback from eligible providers. This feedback will be used to improve future professional development activities as well as assist the ODCTE in determining future professional development topics.