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c. 5. Include the State definition, as defined in law, for not attending school and attending school as specified in WIOA Section 129(a)(1)(B)(i) and Section 129(a)(1)(C)(i). If State law does not define “not attending school” or “attending school,” indicate that is the case and provide the state policy for determining whether a youth is attending or not attending school.

Current Narrative:



The parent or guardian of any child resident in this state who has attained the age of seven (7) years at the time of the commencement of school in his district, but not the age of sixteen (16) years, shall cause the child to be instructed in subjects commonly and usually taught in the public schools of the state of Idaho. Unless the child is otherwise comparably instructed, the parent or guardian shall cause the child to attend a public, private or parochial school during a period in each year equal to that in which the public schools are in session; there to conform to the attendance policies and regulations established by the board of trustees, or other governing body, operating the school attended.

Other Idaho codes relating to school attendance:

Idaho Code 33-201. School Age.

Idaho Code 33-203. Dual Enrollment.

Idaho Code 33-206. Habitual truant defined.

Idaho Code 33-207. Proceedings Against Parents or Guardians.

Idaho Code 20-510. Information -- Investigation -- Petition.