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e. 5. C. Marketing the Agricultural Recruitment System for U.S. Workers (ARS) to agricultural employers and how it intends to improve such publicity.

Current Narrative:

Agricultural jobs, both temporary and permanent, continue to be important to local economies in the state. The increased interest by agricultural employers in having a reliable workforce at the “right” time is gaining in importance compared to other considerations such as costs. This situation presents a phenomenal opportunity for the Idaho Department of Labor and the One-Stop System to demonstrate to employers, workers and the public that AJCs and their partners can be the First Stop and the Only Stop in helping agricultural workers find jobs with agricultural employers find a suitable workforce through utilization of the ARS.

IDOL is working to provide agricultural employers with information on ALL programs and resources available to help them with their labor needs. By emphasizing that the ARS is simpler to use, costs less, and does not require another federal agency’s involvement, employers will be encouraged to consider ARS as an integral part of their effort to locate qualified citizen/legal resident domestic workers in other parts of the state/country.

Information about the ARS continues to be shared and distributed to agricultural employer groups and associations and statewide publications including the Idaho Employment Newsletter, Idaho Farm Bureau and other major publications. MSFW outreach staff and regional business services staff also provide information about the ARS as they reach out to employers to orient them about One-Stop services for businesses.